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Central Arkansas Gets Drenched       Download Video Clip
Saturday the swings and slides were empty at Boyle Park. There were no kids to run on the playground, because the park is closed due to flooding.

Several Arkansans were forced to turn around and go home.

Jacquelyn Twillie and her husband came to the park just to see the road that looks much like a river.

"It just looks like I could do some rafting right in that little spot and enjoy the day," says Twillie.

Little Rock Police drove through the park throughout the day monitoring the low lying areas and working to keep drivers away.

Little Rock Fire Rescue also kept busy with the storm.

"Don't drive around any barricades. Don't drive through any standing water, whether it is moving or not because that is usually when we have to try and get someone out of their vehicle when they try to drive through water," says Little Rock Fire Dept.'s Tony Springer.

The good news is so far the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department and the city of Little Rock report no major flooding on the main highways; however Central Arkansas' watershed ditches are a different story.

The U.S. Geological System spent Saturday measuring levels and taking water samples.

"This tells our hydrologists, the people that are doing the modeling, the people with the water department, or whoever gets the values or the results it tells them what's going on, says hydrologist Jan Heavener.

It's been 4 to 6 months since Arkansas's last heavy rain storm. There's no telling when the next one will be, so the team is just sitting back hoping to catch the next big one.

"We've got to run from one place to the next to try to get to the ditch, trying to get the next sample, so yeah there some excitement in it," says Heavener.

The team will monitor tens of other ditches throughout Arkansas until the storm dies off on Monday. So while you're trying to stay dry, remember there are others getting soaking wet.

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