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Ground-water resources of the eastern part of the Eastern San Joaquin Ground-Water Subbasin, Calaveras County, California

Location of study area.

Location of study area.

The eastern part of the Eastern San Joaquin Ground-Water Subbasin in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada is developing rapidly. Although surface water is expected to be the primary source of supply for this future growth, local water management agencies need to determine the sustainability of ground-water supplies for future development in areas that will not served by surface deliveries. This is expected to ultimately require conjunctive use and artificial recharge of ground water. However, information on the availability of ground water and sources of recharge to aquifers is scant.

The purpose of this study is to begin to define the vertical layering of aquifers underlying the eastern part of the Eastern San Joaquin Ground-Water subbasin and the sources of recharge to those aquifers.

The study will include collection of stable isotope data, the installation of two depth-dependent monitoring wells, and collection of coupled velocity-log and depth-dependent water-quality data.

Cooperating Agency: Calaveras County Water District

Project Chief: Loren F. Metzger
Phone: 916-278-3003
Email: lmetzger@usgs.gov

Project Chief: John A. Izbicki
Phone: 619-225-6131
Email: jaizbick@usgs.gov

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