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Optimal Basin Management (46700)
Number: Location: Cooperating Agencies: Project Chief: Period of Project:
9677A4X Earth,United States,Western US,California,San Bernardino San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District Danskin


Develop and apply optimization techniques to demonstrate their usefulness in a real-world setting for conjunctive management of ground-water pumpage, ground-water levels, ground-water quality, and artificial recharge of surface water.

Relevance and Impact:

This project focuses on contemporary hydrologic management issues and provides several important benefits to the public. For example, it advances knowledge of effective ways to provide decision makers with the requisite understanding of a complex hydrologic system that is needed to make long-term, comprehensive management decisions. Also, new knowledge of the local hydrologic system in the San Bernardino area is being gained from extensive monitoring, from development and calibration of a linked surface-water and ground-water flow model, and from combining the flow model with a contrained optimization model. These findings are being incorporated in a ground-water optimization training class offerred by the USGS and form a template for advising other water-management projects throughout the United States.

Strategy and Approach:

Key aspects of the ground-water system will be verified to ensure accurate simulation with the existing ground-water flow model. New multiple-depth ground-water monitoring wells will be installed. A surface-water distribution model will be designed and constructed. Critical water-quality problems and potential management options will be identified. A simulation-optimization model will be developed that combines the surface-water and ground-water models with the water-quality issues. New methods of water management will be evaluated.

Primary Products Planned:

Report, Planned: Danskin, W.R., McPherson, K.R., and Woolfenden, L.R., in preparation, Hydrology, description of computer models, and evaluation of selected water-management alternatives in the San Bernardino area, California: USGS Professional Paper

Project Website: http://ca.water.usgs.gov/program/coastal/sanbern

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