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Hurricane Georges - Pre/Post-Storm Oblique Aerial Photography

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The U.S. Geological Survey's aerial response to severe storms utilized the cooperation of many collaborators to get aerial coverage of three separate areas impacted by Hurricane Georges. The Coastal Center in St. Petersburg acquired aerial photography of the Florida Keys on Wednesday, September 30, 1998. Pre-storm coverage of the area had been obtained in June, 1998 thanks to the cooperation of the Coast Guard Air Station in Clearwater, Florida. Damage assessment for Puerto Rico was obtained by Coastal and Marine investigators from Menlo Park, California working collaboratively with Water Resources Division on October 2, 1998; however, no extensive pre-storm coverage is available for comparison. A collaborative arrangement with Shea Penland at the University of New Orleans gives us access to pre-storm coverage of the northern Gulf from July, 1996. We are continuing our collaboration with Dr. Penland and his co-workers to acquire post-storm coverage from Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana to the Mississippi border.Co-workers at the National Wetlands Research Center in Lafayette, Louisianaprovided preliminary aerial photography of the Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana.

The U.S. Geological Survey's severe storms project started in July, 1996 to assess coastal erosion from severe storms by acquiring pre- and post-storm aerial data sets at a constant scale. Our inital effort, modelled after the program at LSU, used georeferenced oblique still and video photography to document shoreline changes. Since then, the USGS, NASA, and NOAA have established a cooperative agreement to expand the response effort to include aerial laser altimetry (Lidar) data to make quantitative measurements of beach topography.

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