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Navassa Island: A Photographic Tour

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Navassa Location Map
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Circumnavigating the Island - 12 photos

  R/V Quest
R/V Quest
Circumnavigate the island by boat. The cliffs that serve as fortress walls for Navassa appear insurmountable from most sides of the island. Castaways have no opportunity to wash ashore where the sea cliffs protect and isolate the island's interior from all but the most well-equipped and intrepid explorers.

The trip around the island begins off the West Coast, and continues clockwise around the island past Northwest Point, Northeast Point, and South Point, before finishing at the dock in Lulu Bay.

Sail Locations: The locations covered by the sail around the island are shown below.
photographic map of Navassa Island

Sail - Photo Index
West Coast
    sea cliffs
Northwest Point
    undercut cliff
    cliff detail
    looking south
Northeast Point
South Point
    solution holes
Lulu Bay
    cliff face detail
    cliff face
    fishing boats
    in the bay

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