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A Photo Gallery of Florida's Big Bend Tidal Wetlands

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Panoramic view of marsh Panoramic view of marsh, Dickerson Bay, Wakulla County, Florida.

  Aerial view of marsh
An aerial view of the marsh and coastal forest.
On the Gulf coast of Florida between Apalachee Bay and Tarpon Springs (see map) are 160,000 acres of coastal wetland. These coastal wetlands are a mosaic of tidal marsh, coastal forest, and winding tidal creeks.

Coastal wetlands occur in estuaries, behind barrier islands, and along low-energy coastlines. They are found at the coastal margin where tidal waters flood the low-elevation coast. The tidal range here is barely one meter, or about three feet.

Meandering creeks carry tidal waters throughout the intertidal zone. These winding creeks extend deep into the marsh. They tend to be shallow, and may be navigated by flat-bottom boats or canoes (see photo, below left).

The tidal marsh is home to many birds, fish and other animals. The marsh serves as a nursery ground for small fish, crabs and shrimp. A blue heron (below right) fishes along the shore near the Suwannee River.

flat-bottom boat
Flat Bottom Boat on Tidal Creek
  Great blue heron
Blue Heron

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