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Earth Observing 1 (EO-1)

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Sensors - Linear Etalon Imaging Spectrometer Array (LEISA) Atmospheric Corrector (LAC)

Earth imagery is degraded by atmospheric absorption and scattering. The New Millennium Program's EO-1 mission provided the first space-based test of an Atmospheric Corrector (AC) for increasing the accuracy of surface reflectance estimates. This data is no longer being acquired as part of the EO-1 Extended Mission.

Instrument Overview

The AC provided the following capabilities via a compact and simple bolt on design for future Earth Science, land imaging missions:

  • High spectral, moderate spatial resolution hyperspectral imager using a wedge filter technology.
  • Spectral coverage of .85-1.5 um, bands are selected for optimal correction of high spatial resolution images.
  • Correction of surface imagery for atmospheric variability (primarily water vapor).


The AC is applicable to any scientific or commercial Earth remote sensing mission where atmospheric absorption due to water vapor or aerosols degrades surface reflectance measurements. Using the AC, instrument measurements of actual rather than modeled absorption values, enables more precise predictive models to be constructed for remote sensing applications.

The AC instrument has provided significant improvements in generating accurate reflectance measurements for land imaging missions. The algorithms developed will enable more accurate measurement and classification of land resources and better models for land management in the future.