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Earth Observing 1 (EO-1)

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The following products and services are available:

  • Data Acquisition Requests (DARs) must be submitted in order to collect a requested image for a specific area of interest.
  • Data Products consist of imagery collected during the original one-year technology demonstration/validation mission, as well as more recent collects from the subsequent EO-1 Extended Mission period to date.

    All Hyperion and Advanced Land Imager (ALI) data in the archive will be attempted to be processed to the Level 1Gst level of correction. If the scene fails the Level 1Gst processing level, it will be removed from the archive and will become unavailable. As of June 15th, 2009, not all of the EO-1 data has been processed; please continue to check back if the scene of your interest is not available. We will be making attempts to process the failed scenes as time and workload permits; however there are no guarantees that all of the EO-1 scenes will be able to be processed.

    • Level 1Gst is terrain corrected and will be provided in 16-bit radiance values. The image data are available in Geographic Tagged Image-File Format (GeoTIFF) and is distributed at no charge download.

    Level 1Gst Absolute Geodetic Accuracy Specification
    • The Level 1Gst product will also include terrain correction through use of a digital elevation model (DEM). This addition will correct parallax error due to topographic relief and improve the overall band-to-band registration accuracy. The elevation data used for correction consist of the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) 'Finished' data set and other elevation data as required.

    The Level 1Gst products will be distributed with the following standardized set of processing parameters:

    Map projectionUTM (default zone of the scene center coordinates)
    Horizontal datumWGS84
    Resampling methodCC (cubic convolution)
    Image orientationMap (North up)
    Pixel size30 meter (10 meter pan band)
    Output media Download