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Demersal fishes (alphabetical order) observed and/or collected on or near the USGS Viosca Knoll study sites (VK826 and VK906/862). Table modified from Sulak et al. (2007)A, showing only those taxa positively identified from submersible data.

Image credit: Ken Sulak and Steve Ross. Please contact the lead PIs for permission to use these photos.

Argentina striata Goode and Bean, 1896
Bassogigas sp.
Bathypterois cf. bigelowi Mead, 1958
Caristius sp.
Coelorinchus caribbaeus (Goode and Bean, 1885)
Conger oceanicus (Mitchill, 1818)
Cyttopsis rosea (Lowe, 1843)
Dibranchus atlanticus Peters, 1876
Epigonus pandionus Goode and Bean, 1881
Epinephelus niveatus (Valenciennes, 1828)
Facciolella sp.
Gephyroberyx darwini (Johnson, 1866)
Glossanodon sp.
Grammicolepis brachiusculus Poey, 1873
Helicolenus dactylopterus (Delaroche, 1809)
Hemanthias aureorubens (Longley, 1935)
Hoplostethus occidentalis Woods, 1973
Hyperoglyphe perciformis (Mitchill, 1818)
Laemonema goodebeanorum Meléndez and Markle, 1997
Lophius gastrophysus Miranda Ribeiro, 1915
Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps Goode and Bean, 1879
Monomitopus sp.
Neobythites marginatus Goode and Bean, 1896
Nezumia aequalis (Günther, 1878)
Odontaspis ferox Risso, 1810
Physiculus karrerae Paulin, 1989
Polyprion americanus (Bloch and Schneider, 1801)
Pontinus rathbuni Goode and Bean, 1896
Scyliorhinus retifer (Garman, 1881)
Squalus asper Merrett, 1973
Squalus cubensis Howell Rivero, 1936
Synagrops bellus (Goode and Bean, 1896)
Synaphobranchus sp.
Trachyscorpia cristulata Poey, 1873
Urophycis cirrata (Goode and Bean, 1896)
Urophycis floridana (Bean and Dresel, 1884)

ASulak, K.J., R.A. Brooks, K.E. Luke, A.D. Norem, M. Randall, A.J. Quaid, G.E. Yeargin, J.M. Miller, W.M. Harden, J.H. Caruso and S.W. Ross. 2007. Demersal fishes associated with Lophelia pertusa coral and hard-substrate biotopes on the continental slope, northern Gulf of Mexico. p. 65-92. In: George, R.Y. and S.D. Cairns (eds.). Conservation and adaptive management of seamount and deep-sea coral ecosystems. Univ. of Miami. 324 p.

Additional fishes observed or collected on the hardgrounds at Vioska Knoll include the following species from S.W. Ross et al. (unpublished data).

Laemonema barbatulum
Bellottia robusta

Image credit: Ken Sulak and Steve Ross. Please contact the lead PIs for permission to use these photos.

Ken Sulak
U.S. Geological Survey          
7920 NW 71st Steet
Gainesville, FL 32653

Steve W. Ross, PhD
Associate Research Faculty
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Wimington, NC
Lead Principal Investigator

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