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Channa panaw Musikasinthorn, 1998
Panaw Snakehead

Channa panaw - Panaw Snakehead - click to enlarge

    Upper image: holotype, KUMF 3050, 151.7 mm standard length. Lower image: ventral view of head showing enlarged scales on lower jaw; paratype, KUMF 3060. Reprinted with permission from Prachya Musikasinthorn, author, and Tomoki Sunobe, Secretary of the Ichthyological Society of Japan, from: Musikasinthorn, Prachya. 1998. Channa panaw, a new channid fish from the Irrawaddy and Sittang River basins, Myanmar. Ichthyol. Res. 45(4):355-362.

Original description: Channa panaw Musikasinthorn, 1998:356. Channa panaw, a new channid fish from the Irrawaddy and Sitang River basins, Myanmar. Ichthyological Research 45(4):355-362, 7 figs. Type locality: Yangon fish market, Yangon, Myanmar. Holotype: KUMF 3050. Paratypes: KUMF 3051; KUMF 3060; KUMF 3061; KUMF 3062; NSMT-P 36121; NSMT-P 36129; KUMF 3052; KUMF 3053; KUMF 3054; NRM 27421; and ANSP 77016.

Synonyms: No synonyms.

Common names: panaw snakehead; nga panaw (Myanmar).

         Native range: Ayeyarwaddy (=Irrawaddy) and Sittang River basins, Myanmar (Musikasinthorn, 1998).

         Introduced range: No introductions known.

         Size: No specific information in literature, but known to grow to at least 17 cm (Musikasinthorn, 1998).

         Habitat preference: No specific information, but appears to prefer rivers.

         Temperature range: No specific information. Native range (about 16-24o N) indicates this species to be subtropical to tropical.

         Reproductive habits: No information, but probably a nest builder as are most other snakeheads.

         Feeding habits: No information. Nevertheless, Musikasinthorn (1998) stated this species is most closely related to Channa punctata, which suggests adults feed primarily on other fishes and insects.

         Characters: Gular part of head without patch of scales. One large scale on either underside of lower jaw, rarely two on one side of jaw. Lateral line scales 39-41; predorsal scales 14-17. Dorsal fin rays 32-35; anal fin rays 32-35; pectoral rays 17-20. Pelvic fin length always more than 50 percent of pectoral fin length. Most similar to Channa punctata, but differs in having a narrow, pointed snout, pelvic fins 50 percent or more longer than the pectorals, and there is one large scale (rarely two on one side) on either underside of the lower jaw.

         Commercial importance in the United States: None known. Not listed on aquarist-oriented websites.

         Commercial importance in native range: No information, but its presence in markets in Myanmar (Musikasinthorn, 1998) indicates that it is fished commercially.

         Environmental concerns: Like the closely related Channa punctata, this species is probably a thrust predator on other fishes and insects.

Distribution of Channa panaw - click to enlarge


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