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Welcome to the San Francisquito Creek Project Web site. This Web site aims to provide information and data to inform the public and decisionmakers about issues concerning the creek and the possible trade-offs that might be necessary in reaching mutually agreeable solutions to the complex problems. The primary goal of this Web site is to facilitate the dissemination of data and information from research, monitoring and environmental-management activities concerning San Francisquito Creek. We hope to ensure that all interested users (such as scientists, engineers, resource managers, local and regional governmental agencies, developers, and the public) have quick and easy access to a wide range of data, geographic information system (GIS) products, and general information.

Because San Francisquito Creek flows through two counties, five municipalities and numerous habitats, it is deeply entwined in both political and environmental issues. The San Francisquito Creek Project is a project of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) that engages and collaborates with other organizations to work on these issues. The USGS will maintain this Web site and provide digital data and educational tools to facilitate the public's involvement in addressing issues of the creek and improving the decisionmaking processes.

Historical Photographs

San Francisquito Creek has a rich history. Enjoy some historical photographs of the creek dating back to 1869 that help tell its story.


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