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Data and protocols for PlioMIP2 experiments

The following links connect to papers describing PRISM4 boundary conditions and the PlioMIP experimental design.
PRISM4 boundary conditions: www.clim-past.net/12/1519/2016/

Experimental design: www.clim-past.net/12/663/2016/

  • Download PlioMIP2 Modern data here.
  • Download PlioMIP2 Pliocene data with STANDARD boundary conditions here.
  • Download PlioMIP2 Pliocene data with ENHANCED boundary conditions here.

    When using the PRISM4 boundary conditions, please site:

    Dowsett, H., Dolan, A., Rowley, D., Moucha, R., Forte, A. M., Mitrovica, J. X., Pound, M., Salzmann, U., Robinson, M., Chandler, M., Foley, K., and Haywood, A., 2016, The PRISM4 (mid-Piacenzian) paleoenvironmental reconstruction: Climate of the Past, 12(7): 1519-1538.

PlioMIP data and variables

Download the excel file here

✓ Data must be on regularly spaced grid
✓ Data is required for the Pliocene plus the control experiment
Data Units Monthly Priority Lesser Priority
expt_name.totalprecip mm/day Yes x averaging period is the last 30 years
expt_name.NearSurfaceAirTemp deg C Yes x 12 values (monthly means)
expt_name.SurfaceSkinTemp (radiative temp) deg C Yes x
expt_name.totalevap mm/day Yes x
total cloud cover % Yes x
minimum surface temp deg C x
expt_name.u10m (near surface winds) m/s Yes x
expt_name.v10m. (near surface winds) m/s Yes x
(winds) v all levels? (if possible) m/s Yes x
(winds) u all levels? (if possible) m/s Yes x
expt_name.v200m. (atmosphere - winds) m/s Yes x
expt_name.u200. (atmosphere - winds) m/s Yes x
expt_name.v500m. (atmosphere - winds) m/s Yes x
expt_name.u500. (atmosphere - winds) m/s Yes x
expt_name.v850m. (atmosphere - winds) m/s Yes x
expt_name.u850. (atmosphere - winds) m/s Yes x
expt_name.mslp. hPa Yes x
expt_name.z500. m Yes x
expt_name.z200. m Yes x
expt_name.z850 m Yes x
expt_name.downsolar_toa. W/m2 Yes x
expt_name.upsolar_toa. W/m2 Yes x
outgoing LR_toa W/m2 Yes x
surface SW&LW up and down W/m2 Yes x
clear sky (surface SW up and down, and LW down) W/m2 Yes x (if you can)
expt_name.oceantemp..nc (ocean SSTs - Layer1) deg C Yes x
Ocean temperature all layers (top 300m) deg C annual only x in situ
4 stream functions (zonal average per basin) Sv annual only x global, atlantic, pacific, indian
SST timeseries deg C 100 years monthly x
Ocean velocity u (all levels) m/s annual only x
Ocean velocity v (all levels) m/s annual only x
Salinity all layers (all layers) psu annual only x
expt_name.icedepth. (sea ice thickness) m Yes x
expt_name.iceconc. (sea ice fraction) % Yes x
freshwater flux Sv Yes x
latent heat flux W/m2 Yes x
sensible heat flux W/m2 Yes x
landsea mask zero-one x
orography m x
TREND (one number for last 100 yrs of...)
global mean temp one number x
ocean integratedtemp one number x

To receive announcements about PlioMIP2 activities please e-mail your name and affiliation.

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