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2011 PlioMIP Meeting

U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia, USA
August 2nd to August 4th 2011


Stepanek, Christian Alfred Wegener Institute
Zhang, Zhongshi Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
Caballero Gill, Rocio Brown University
Yan, Qing Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chandler, Mark Columbia University/GISS
Contoux, Camille Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement
Ramstein, Gilles Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement
Otto–Bliesner, Bette National Center for Atmospheric Research
Rosenbloom, Nan National Center for Atmospheric Research
Salzmann, Ulrich Northumbria University
Tuenter, Erik Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
Lunt, Dan University of Bristol
Valdes, Paul University of Bristol
Dolan, Aisling University of Leeds
Haywood, Alan University of Leeds
Hill, Dan University of Leeds
Hunter, Stephen University of Leeds
Pope, James University of Leeds
Clark, Nicola University of Leicester
Koenig, Sebastian University of Massachusetts,Amherst
Jost, Anne Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Chan, Wing–Le University of Tokyo
O’ishi, Ryota University of Tokyo
Kamae, Youichi University of Tsukuba
Dowsett, Harry U.S. Geological Survey
Foley, Kevin U.S. Geological Survey
Riesselman, Christina U.S. Geological Survey
Robinson, Marci U.S. Geological Survey
Stoll, Danielle U.S. Geological Survey

PlioMIP data, variables, priorities, and deadlines

Download Alan's excel file

✓ Data must be on regular grid
✓ Data is required for the Pliocene plus the control experiment
data needed for first papers ????
data really needed for first papers 1 January
all other papers 1 February
Data Units Monthly Priority Lesser Priority
expt_name.totalprecip mm/day Yes x averaging period is the last 30 years
expt_name.NearSurfaceAirTemp deg C Yes x 12 values (monthly means)
expt_name.SurfaceSkinTemp (radiative temp) deg C Yes x
expt_name.totalevap mm/day Yes x
total cloud cover % Yes x
minimum surface temp deg C x
expt_name.u10m (near surface winds) m/s Yes x
expt_name.v10m. (near surface winds) m/s Yes x
(winds) v all levels? (if possible) m/s Yes x
(winds) u all levels? (if possible) m/s Yes x
expt_name.v200m. (atmosphere - winds) m/s Yes x
expt_name.u200. (atmosphere - winds) m/s Yes x
expt_name.v500m. (atmosphere - winds) m/s Yes x
expt_name.u500. (atmosphere - winds) m/s Yes x
expt_name.v850m. (atmosphere - winds) m/s Yes x
expt_name.u850. (atmosphere - winds) m/s Yes x
expt_name.mslp. hPa Yes x
expt_name.z500. m Yes x
expt_name.z200. m Yes x
expt_name.z850 m Yes x
expt_name.downsolar_toa. W/m2 Yes x
expt_name.upsolar_toa. W/m2 Yes x
outgoing LR_toa W/m2 Yes x
surface SW&LW up and down W/m2 Yes x
clear sky (surface SW up and down, and LW down) W/m2 Yes x (if you can)
expt_name.oceantemp..nc (ocean SSTs - Layer1) deg C Yes x
Ocean temperature all layers (all layers) deg C annual only x in situ
4 stream functions (zonal average per basin) Sv annual only x global, atlantic, pacific, indian
SST timeseries deg C 100 years monthly x
Ocean velocity u (all levels) m/s annual only x
Ocean velocity v (all levels) m/s annual only x
Salinity all layers (all layers) psu annual only x
expt_name.icedepth. (sea ice thickness) m Yes x
expt_name.iceconc. (sea ice fraction) % Yes x
freshwater flux Sv Yes x
latent heat flux W/m2 Yes x
sensible heat flux W/m2 Yes x
landsea mask zero-one x
orography m x
TREND (one number for last 100 yrs of...)
global mean temp one number x
ocean integratedtemp one number x

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