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The Great Basin Research and Management Partnership (GBRMP) promotes comprehensive and complementary research and management collaborations to sustain ecosystems, resources and communities across the Great Basin -- a five state area experiencing similar sociological and ecological concerns.

Map of the Great Basin. The Great Basin in the Western United States.

Our vision is of teams representing the full spectrum of organizations and stakeholders working together to solve the regionís ecological and socio-economic issues through the integration of research and management. GBRMP does not replace existing collaborations, but builds upon their strengths by increasing coordination and communication among them. GBRMP provides a mechanism for assembling the diverse research and management groups working in the Great Basin to:

(1) obtain consensus in identifying and prioritizing regional issues;
(2) expand and help focus existing collaborative efforts;
(3) facilitate new teams to address emerging issues. It also provides critical information sharing capacity for both existing collaborations and new teams.

Read the Great Basin Research and Management Partnership Briefing Paper.