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This page is archived and is no longer being maintained. Content was last updated in 2015. For current research, visit http://coastal.er.usgs.gov/.
Gulf of Mexico Integrated Science - Data Information Management System (DIMS)
Map of Gulf of Mexico showing location of study sites: Galveston Bay, Atchafalaya & Mississippi River Deltas, Mobile Bay, Suwannee River Basin & Tampa Bay
Estuaries are a critical interface between terrestrial and marine ecosystems.  Gulf Estuaries encompass approx. 30,000 sq. km. (42% of the total estuarine surface area of the U.S., excluding Alaska). 

GULFSCI Highlighted Products
* Data pages for the Tampa Bay Study
* Suwanneeee Information Gateway:
Google Earth Visualization Tool, IMS and Map Gallery
* NASA EAARL LIDAR data in Tampa Bay
* Gulf of Mexico Seagrass Publications
* Download 2004 digital orthophotos (DOQQ's) from
Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD)

" "
Tampa Bay Estuary Atlas, an edition of WaterAtlas.org
" "
USGS St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center
GULFSCI Internet Products
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* Tampa Bay Digital Library
* Mobile Bay Digital Library
Interactive Mapping Systems (IMS):
* Gulf of Mexico Region IMS
* Suwanneeee River Basin and Estuary IMS
* Tampa Bay Study IMS

This is the Gulf of Mexico Integrated Science archived website.
The key to understanding complex estuarine systems lies in understanding the interactions between geological framework and biological, geochemical and hydrological processes. This project was established to develop an integrated-science strategy for assessing and monitoring Gulf of Mexico estuaries using Tampa Bay, Florida, as a pilot study. The success of this project was founded on coordination of a multidisciplinary team of USGS scientists with key Federal, State and local agencies.

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