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This page is archived and is no longer being maintained. Content was last updated in 2015. For current research, visit http://coastal.er.usgs.gov/.
Visualization Tool
Get a bird's-eye view of the Suwannee River Basin with a new visualization tool.  This tool utilizes Google Earth to outline basin boundaries, points of interest, and important features.  Take a tour of the Lower Suwannee watershed, starting at Falmouth Springs and following the river to the Gulf of Mexico.

You may view all the linked Suwannee River Basin websites without using Google Earth.
Google Earth logo Google Earth icon
Google Earth must be installed on your computer in order to view the following kml files. You may have to first run Google Earth, then open the kml file saved to your computer. Download Google Earth (FREE version available)
image of Suwannee River/Gulf of Mexico sign The links.kml file (8KB) will open a hydrology layer for the entire Suwannee River Basin and four icons, each containing links to websites for more information about the basin.
The tour.kml file (36 KB) will open a “fly-through” of the Lower Suwannee Basin.
Highlight the “Lower Suwannee basin tour” layer and select the “Play” button to begin the tour. (The tour may take a few minutes to load.)
To control the speed at which the tour plays, select Tools > Options > Control from the Google Earth main toolbar. 
You can turn off the basin boundaries by unchecking the box.
When the tour has completed, you can return and select any icon to view photos, Website links or information about the items on the tour.
The map layers.kml file (55 KB) will open a “Suwannee” folder that contains a “GIS layers” sub-folder.
To view each layer, check the box next to the layer name.
To turn off a layer, uncheck the box.
To zoom to each layer, double-click on the layer name. 
The following is a list of layers that are available for viewing:
  • Georgia and Florida state boundaries
  • Suwannee River Basin counties
  • Basins
  • National Land Cover Dataset 2001
  • Reclassified National Land Cover Dataset 2001
  • Reclassified Land Cover for each sub-basin
  • National Hydrography Dataset water bodies and flow lines
  • USGS streams
  • USGS major geologic units
  • Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD) Cody Scarp
  • USGS real-time gaging stations
  • USGS National Water Quality Assessment Program sampling sites
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection first magnitude springs
  • Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge boundaries
  • Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge boundaries
  • Managed Lands
  • USGS surficial deposits and materials
  • Florida boat ramps

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