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This page is archived and is no longer being maintained. Content was last updated in 2015. For current research, visit http://coastal.er.usgs.gov/.
Tampa Bay Study  > Data  > Task 2: Water and Sediment Quality > Water Chemistry Surveys
Chemistry maps
Tampa Bay Study scientists collected data on surface water quality in Tampa Bay using a boat-mounted system. As the boat traveled on the Bay, water was forced through a tube flow-through system where sensors collected data on several water quality parameters, including salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH, and temperature. Using this system, scientists were able to collect water data over a greater spatial extent, thereby allowing a greater sampling over the entire Bay. The data set complements previously established water quality data collection programs established by local city, county, and state management agencies.

Each water quality parameter was then imported into a geographic information system (GIS) where the data is first checked for quality and then interpolated into bay-wide maps. The maps provide merely an interpretation of the water quality data and should not be regarded as actual water quality measurements.

Water Chemistry Maps
Surface Salinity Maps (PDF)
Dissolved Oxygen Maps (PDF)
Surface pH Maps (PDF)
Surface Temperature Maps (PDF)
Water Chemistry Data
Data - All Parameters (DBF)

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