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This page is archived and is no longer being maintained. Content was last updated in 2015. For current research, visit http://coastal.er.usgs.gov/.
Reports: Tampa Bay Study
Conceptual Model for Gulf of Mexico Estuaries Integrated Science
Estuarine System

For more Tampa Bay Study reports please search the Tampa Bay Digital Library

2005 USGS Tampa Bay Study Open-File Report Series
(Located in Tampa Bay Digital Library)

2002 Science Conference Poster Series
(Presented at the 2nd Annual Tampa Bay Science Conference, St. Petersburg, Florida on 09/19/02)

Biogeochemical Surveys of Tampa Bay Waters
High Resolution Stratigraphy of Safety Harbor, Tampa Bay: Vibracore Correlation
Effects of Ghost Shrimp on Tampa Bay Sediment Characteristics
Intertidal Vegetation Dynamics in the Tampa Bay Estuary
Characterization of macroalgal epiphytes on Thalassia testudinum in Tampa Bay, Florida (Cho T.O., S. Fredericq & K. Yates)
Determination of Water Depth at the Deep Edge of Seagrass Meadows in Tampa Bay using GPS Carrier Phase Processing
Seagrass Monitoring in Tampa Bay Using Fixed Transects
Seagrass Restoration in Tampa Bay, Florida
Spatial and Temporal Trends of Seagrass Loss in Feather Sound

2001 USGS Open-File Report Series: Tampa Bay Integrated Science Pilot Study

OFR 01-243 Tampa Bay Integrated Science Pilot Study (Kimberly Yates, Lisa Robbins)
. OFR 01-398 Baseline mapping, land surface dynamics and predictive modeling, and hazards vulnerability studies (Michael Crane, Kimberly Yates)
OFR 01-397 Hydrographic and sub-surface mapping and sediment transport modeling (Mark Hansen, Kimberly Yates)
OFR 01-422 Historical and prehistorical record of Tampa Bay environments (Terry Edgar, Gregg Brooks, Tom Cronin, David Hollander, Randy Runnels, Pam Sutton, Yvonne Werzinsky, Deb Willard, Kimberly Yates)
OFR 01-289 A 2001-2002 drought-induced imprint on estuarine processes? (Peter Swarzenski, Yvonne E. Stoker, Darryl L. Felder, Paul L. Klerks, Kimberly Yates)
OFR 01-390 Wetlands characterization (Carole McIvor, Ellen Raabe, Kimberly Yates)
OFR 01-389 Data Information Management System (DIMS) (Jimmy Johnston, Kimberly Yates)
OFR 01-387 Digital Library (Jimmy Johnston, Kimberly Yates)
OFR 01-388 Interactive Mapping System (IMS) (Jimmy Johnston, Kimberly Yates)

Other Reports

Wetland Habitat Use by the Nekton Community at Terra Ceia State Aquatic Buffer Preserve: Summary of 2004 data. Krebs, JM, Brame, AB, and McIvor, CC (2005).
Five Year Science Plan for the Tampa Bay Study, April 15, 2003
Geologic Division New Project Proposal - FY 2001
Tampa Bay Pilot Study - Demonstration Projects
White Paper: Gulf of Mexico Estuaries Integrated Science Workshop
(OFR-00-166) SHARQ Infested Waters (Kimberly Yates)
(OFR 00-492) Quantifying Submarine Groundwater Discharge to Indian River Lagoon, Florida (Peter Swarzenski)

(OFR 02-4) Chemical Contaminants to Tampa Bay (Mario Fernandez, Jr.)

Tampa Bay Watershed Reports (Prepared by the Tampa subdistrict of the USGS Water Resources Division. Calendar years 1977 - 1999)
. .

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