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Peak-Flow Data for Selected Streams in Windward Oahu, June 2011 (released 7/7/2011)

Heavy rainfall on June 4, 2011 caused flooding in windward Oahu. USGS provisional data from the Kahana Rain Gage indicate 4.30 inches of rain fell during a 1-hour period on June 4, 2011. The Waiahole Rain Gage recorded 1.69 inches in 30 minutes, but the gage was destroyed by the flood. Repairs to the Waiahole Rain Gage were made and data collection resumed on June 8.

Provisional data collected during the storm showed an increase in streamflow from 71 to 6,910 cubic feet per second at the Kahana Stream Gage in a little over 1 hour before the gage was destroyed by the flood. The gage was operational on June 17 but without real-time transmission. The Waiahole Stream Gage collected data that showed an increase in streamflow from 51 to 3,880 cubic feet per second in less than 1 hour before the gage was destroyed by the flood. Repairs were made to the Waiahole Stream gage and it was operational on June 8.

Provisional peak-flow data for selected stream gages, along with related historic peak information are presented below (table 1).

table of peak-flow data

Holmes, R.R., Jr., Dinicola, K., 2010, 100-Year flood–it's all about chance: U.S. Geological Survey General Information Product 106, 1 p.

Locations of selected USGS data-collection sites, windward Oahu, June 2011

Marker for rainfall sitesRainfall Site
Marker for USGS streamflow sitesStreamflow Site

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