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Pacific Islands Water Science Center

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Hydrologists using an electrical shocker to collect biological samples.


Pacific Islands Water-Resources Studies--Current

The Pacific Islands Water Science Center addresses water-resource issues in the following focus areas that are aligned with the USGS Strategic Science Directions and the needs of our Federal, State, and local customers.

Groundwater Availability

  •  Groundwater Flow in the Halawa Area, Oahu, Hawaii
  •  Framework for Evaluating the Hydrologic Effects of Watershed Restoration Programs
  •  Hawaii Volcanic-Rock Aquifer Study--Groundwater Resources Program Regional Assessments
  •  Effects of Groundwater Withdrawal, Injection, and Climate Change on Water Resources at Kaloko-Honokohau, Island of Hawaii
  •  Groundwater Recharge and Availability in the Pearl Harbor Aquifer, Oahu
  •  Groundwater Recharge and Availability in Eastern Molokai
  •  Groundwater Availability in the Haiku, Honopou, and Makawao Areas, Maui: Phase 2, Connection between Groundwater and Surface Water
  • Quantity and Variability of Streamflow

  •  Low-Flow Characteristics for Streams in Southeast Kauai, Hawaii
  •  Simulation of Surface Runoff, Fena Watershed, Guam
  • Water Quality Related to Land Use

  •  Effects of Irrigation with Treated Wastewater on Groundwater Quality in North-Central Oahu
  • Climate Variability

  •  Estimating Climate- and Land-Cover Change Impacts on Groundwater Recharge on Maui
  •  Soil Moisture, Evapotranspiration, Climatic Water Deficit, and Groundwater Recharge during Drought for Current and Future Climate in Hawaii
  •  Statistical Methods to Estimate Climate-Change Impacts on Low-Flow Discharges of Hawaii Streams
  •  Potential Impacts and Adaptive Response to Climate Change for U.S. DoD Installations on Guam
  •  Impact of Sea-Level Rise and Climate Change on the Freshwater Resources of Roi-Namur Island, Kwajalein Atoll
  • Ecohydrology

  •  Impacts of Non-Native and Native Plant Species on Freshwater Availability
  • Pacific Islands Water-Resources Studies--Completed

    Groundwater Availability

  •  Surface-Water Loss in Honouliuli Stream near the Ewa Shaft on Oahu
  •  Spatial Distribution of Groundwater Recharge on Oahu
  •  Groundwater Availability in the Haiku, Honopou, and Makawao Areas, Maui: Phase 1, Groundwater Recharge
  •  Reassessment of Groundwater Recharge for Central and West Maui
  •  Groundwater Tracers to Evaluate Connection Between Inland and Coastal Groundwater Systems, Kona Area, Island of Hawaii
  •  Groundwater Availability in Guam
  •  Groundwater Availability in the Lahaina District, Maui
  •  Spatial Distribution of Groundwater Recharge on the Island of Hawaii
  •  Groundwater Availability in Central Maui, Hawaii
  • Quantity and Variability of Streamflow

  •  Low-Flow Regionalization of Hawaii Streams: Phase 1, Characteristics of Gaged Streams
  •  Measuring flow and reporting water use for stream-diversion ditches in Hawaii
  •  Low-Flow Characteristics in Streams, Lahaina District, Maui
  •  Surface-Water Availability, Anahola, Kauai
  •  Surface-Water Diversion System Seepage Reconnaissance Study, East Maui
  •  Water Use of Wetland Kalo Cultivation in West Maui, Hawaii, 2010
  •  Flood Frequency Estimates for the State of Hawaii (StreamStats)
  •  Flow statistics for USGS stream-gaging stations operated in Hawaii from 1909-2005
  •  Streamflow and Stream-Macrofauna Characteristics, Central Maui, Hawaii
  • Water Quality Related to Land Use

  •  Using Invertebrate Assemblages to Create a Benthic Index of Biotic Integrity for Hawaiian Streams
  •  Suspended-Sediment Monitoring, Waikele Watershed, Oahu
  •  Potential Effects of Roadside Dry Wells on Groundwater Quality in the Island of Hawaii
  •  Ecological Assessment of Wadeable Streams, Oahu
  •  Stormwater Monitoring, Halawa Watershed, Island of Oahu
  •  Selected Pesticides in Groundwater from the Pearl Harbor Aquifer, Oahu, Hawaii
  •  Wastewater and Nutrient Source Tracking - A Reconnaissance Mapping Approach for Beach and Watershed Monitoring
  •  The Oahu National Water-Quality Assessment
  •  Streamflow, Suspended-Sediment, and Erosion Monitoring, Kahoolawe
  •  Groundwater monitoring, northern Guam Lens
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