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Accessing the 2009 Water Data Report – 23 April 2010

The Louisiana Water Science Center is proud to present the 2009 Water Data Report. This annual publication provides you with data we have collected from October 1, 2008 though September 30, 2009 (one water year). You can access the publication in a few different ways, depending on how you prefer to search for information.

To search by area:

The USGS has combined the power Google™ Maps with its water data reports nationwide, so you can now find the data you want by zooming in on a particular part of the country and selecting sites that interest you. The sites are shown at all zoom levels, but only become selectable when you are at zoom level 9 or greater. (Your current zoom level is indicated on the web page.) Clicking on a site marker will cause a display bubble to appear that contains the site name, the site number, and the water year, along with a link that will allow you to download a PDF file of the data for that site. There are also search filters that let you choose surface-water, ground-water, or atmospheric sites, or any combination of the three. Once you zoom in to a desired area, you can click a "List Sites" button to generate a clickable list of the sites within that area. The links in the list will take you to web pages with data for the individual sites. Try it now!

To search by name:

If you know the names or numbers of particular sites, you can find the data you seek easily using a more traditional search. This method allows you to search by site number, state and parish (or county), or Hydrologic Unit. You can also search areas other than U.S. states or inhabited territories. It is very easy to use. You select the type of search you want to do, provide the required information in the indicated box(es), then click the "Search" button. In a few seconds, you have a clickable list of all the sites that meet your specified criteria, separated into ground-water and surface-water groups. In the "Search by Site Number" area, you can search for numbers even if you only know a part of the number. In the box where the site number goes, just put in the part of the number you know, and use "*" for the part you don't know. For example, typing "07378*" (without the quotes) will retrieve a list of all sites that begin with the string "07378", and "*8000" will return all the sites that end with "8000". Try it now!

What if the data I need is not available by these methods?

If the data you want is not in the Water Data Report, you may still find it on our website in other places. If you want real-time data, you should try here. Click on the "Statewide Streamflow Table" link, and go from there. Other data is available from the various links located on our Louisiana Hydrowatch web page. You can also contact us directly using the appropriate information from our Contacts web page.

We hope that these methods allow you to get the data you need quickly. They are all part of our ongoing goal to provide everyone with the best and easiest access to our information that we can provide. If you have suggestions or ideas that would make your experience better, let us know so we can improve our service to you.

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