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Selected Water Quality Data for the Mermentau River Basin

Stan Skrobialowski
National Water Quality Assessment
Acadian Pontchartrain Study Unit


NAWQA Basic Fixed Site Placement

This study looks at pesticides used in the Mermentau Basin. More details of this study can be found on our Mermentau Basin Pesticide Study page. Three of these sites are part of our Basic Fixed Sites.

Climatic/Hydrologic Conditions

The local area has been suffering a drought the past two and a half years, with severe drought since spring of 1999. This can be seen in local discharge values for the past two years. This lack of rainfall and runoff lowers the amount of pesticides and nutrients that reach area streams.
Discharge for Mermentau-area sites from September 1998 to May 2000.

Current Events

Fipronil breakdown products

Fipronil and its breakdown products.

Water Chemistry Constituents Sampled

Water Chemistry for Bayou Des Cannes near Eunice

Suspended sediment, nitrates, molinate, and fipronil at 
Bayou Des Cannes near Eunice, September 1998 through May 2000.

Fipronil results - all sites

Below is a map showing dissolved fipronil (micrograms/liter), for sampling runs of March 21-23, 2000 and April 18-20, 2000.
Dissolved fipronil values (micrograms/liter) for March and April, 2000.

Future Study

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