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Personnel and Relevant Links for the Acadian-Pontchartrain NAWQA
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What is NAWQA? What are they doing in southern Louisiana?

Updated as of April 20, 2002.

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For more information on USGS activities in Louisiana and the Nation, please visit the following websites:

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Personnel and Relevant Links for the Acadian-Pontchartrain NAWQA


Dennis Demcheck at Bayou Chinchuba. Dennis Demcheck, our project chief. He has extensive experience with water-quality issues in and around Lake Pontchartrain, the Verret Basin, and the Calcasieu around Lake Charles. Contact Dennis [ddemchec@usgs.gov] for general questions that you have regarding the Acadian-Pontchartrain NAWQA.
Stan and Van collecting water at Pass Manchac. Stan Skrobialowski and Van Bergeron conduct the majority of surface-water quality sampling. Stan is our Study Unit Surface Water-Quality Specialist, and Van our Lead Technician. Contact Stan [sski@usgs.gov] or Van [vgberger@usgs.gov] for water-quality information.
Roland and Rob drilling an observation well at Bluebonnet Swamp in Baton Rouge. Rob Fendick is our Study Unit Ground- Water-Quality Specialist, and Roland Tollett a groundwater quality hydrologist and drilling specialist. Contact Rob [rfendick@usgs.gov] or Roland [rtollett@usgs.gov] for groundwater information.
Trish and her sheepshead-fish at Bayou Boeuf near Amelia. Trish D'Arconte is our GIS (spatial data) specialist and manages our data. Contact Trish [darconte@usgs.gov] for spatial data, maps, and general data questions.
Scott Mize characterizing riparian forest of Bayou Lacassine. Scott Mize is our study unit biologist. Contact Scott [svmize@usgs.gov] for ecological data and information.
Chris on the flotant marsh. Chris Swarzenski is a biologist studying water-quality of the floating marshes. His main areas of study are in the freshwater marshes around the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park, and in the Penchant Basin area. Contact Chris [czswarzen@usgs.gov] for information on freshwater marshes of Louisiana.

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Links for other programs and resources addressing water-quality in the study area:

This is neither an exhaustive list, nor particularly endorsed by the USGS. Email Trish with additional Louisiana water links.

Federal programs relevant to Louisiana:

State programs:

Academic, non-profit and private organizations:

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