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Urban Dynamics Research Program

Analysis of Land Use Change in Urban Environments

Urban Dynamics Picture

The Urban Dynamics project analyzes land use change in urban environments in order to provide a historical perspective of land use change and an assessment of the spatial patterns, rates, correlation, trends, and impacts of that change. This project develops and refines methods for land use reconstruction, geographic analysis, modeling, prediction, monitoring, and impacts assessment.

Goal and Objectives:

The goal of this project is to provide a greater understanding of the land use changes occurring in metropolitan areas. Objectives are to:

  • Develop methods for land use reconstruction, geographic analysis, and regional assessments of urban land use change.

  • Identify the spatial linkages between the physiographic and socio-economic variables that contribute to urban growth.

  • Develop and test models for predicting future land transformations with some statistically defined confidence.

  • Provide the public and decision-makers with the data and information resources needed to make informed decisions regarding future development and environmentally sustainable economic growth.

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