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a C++ toolkit for SDTS files

What is SDTS++?

SDTS++ is a C++ toolkit that programmers can use to write applications that can read or write SDTS datasets. Application developers can use SDTS++ library classes to work with the logical structure of these datasets without having to worry about the physical details of each dataset.

What compilers does it work with?

SDTS++ is known to work with:

Where can I get sdts++ ?

You can get sdts++ at:

Who wrote it?

Developers at the USGS Mid-Continent Mapping Center in Rolla, Missouri.

How much does it cost?

It's free. There are no licensing fees or distribution restrictions. We would appreciate acknowledgment of the USGS contribution in any applications the toolkit is used for, but this is not legally necessary.

What existing applications use SDTS++?

There are three applications so far:
A free USGS data viewer.
A free DEM and SDTS/DEM viewer for the K Desktop Environment.

What kind of support does it have?

Unfortunately not much. There is a mailing list for SDTS related software. One purpose of this list is to provide peer support for SDTS software development efforts. Some of the SDTS++ development team subscribe to this list and may address problems related to the toolkit. After all, if you're having problems with the library, chances are they are having the same problems, too.

You can subscribe to this list by sending e-mail to majordomo@mailrmon1.er.usgs.gov with this line in the body of the message:

subscribe sdts_software myname@my.host

Substitute your mailing address for 'myname@my.host'. So if I were to subscribe to the mailing list, I'd use:

subscribe sdts_software mcoletti@lychnobite.org

"sdts_software" is a technical discussion list. There is no guarantee that questions posted to this list will be answered. General information about SDTS should be requested by sending mail to sdts@usgs.gov. It is also a public mailing list, but is monitored by USGS personnel. Questions sent to it will receive a response.

Does it use STL?

SDTS++ makes heavy use of the Standard Template Library. If your C++ compiler doesn't support STL, then it won't work with SDTS++. And, just because a C++ compiler supports the STL, it may be broken in such a way that SDTS++ won't work with it. You've been warned.

What documentation does it have?

SDTS++ has documentation in both GNU info and HTML formats found in the doc directory. The original GNU text from which these were generated is also included. Also, Object Domain design diagrams, sdts.ood, are included. The documentation is also available online here.

How do I force the sdts++ build to use a compiler besides g++?

The configure script will prefer to use g++ if it finds it in your path, /usr/local/bin/, or in the path specified by a ``--prefix'' script parameter. However, you can force the configure script to use a different C/C++ compiler by specifying them with the CC and CXX environment variables. For example, if I wanted to use ``/usr/bin/cc'' and ``/usr/bin/CC'' for the C and C++ compilers, respectively, I'd do this:

% env CC=/usr/bin/cc CXX=/usr/bin/CC ./configure

(Thanks to David Hensinger of Sandia Labs.)

Written by mcoletti@lychnobite.org (Mark Coletti). Last updated May 8, 2001.

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