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SDTS Support Software for Programmers

The USGS and some individuals have developed several software tools to assist programmers with implementing SDTS. Below is a decription of the software routine libraries, and some applications/utilities that make use of the libraries.

DISCLAIMER: Although the following software may have been used by the USGS, no warranty, expressed or assumed by the USGS in connection therewith.

FIPS 123 Function Library

The FIPS 123 Function Library is a library of C language functions which read and write the ISO 8211 (FIPS 123) format used by SDTS and are available for DOS or Unix operating systems. An overview of the FIPS 123 Function Library is available in the following three formats:

Ascii text (Download the free Microsoft Word Viewer)
Word Perfect
Post Script

Also available:

Miscellaneous Utilities for examining SDTS files
Source code--for FIPS 123 Function Library, USGS
Modified source--for Microsoft Visual C++ version 6.0 (libsdts.zip), Kenneth Hurley (khurley@nvidia.com).


The SDTS-CSP has been redesigned and renamed to SDTS++! It is a C++ toolkit that developers can use to write applications that can read and write SDTS datasets.

To learn more visit the SDTS++ Home Page.(9/23/97)

Master Data Dictionary Application

USGS has developed the Master Data Dictionary software which creates SDTS master data dictionary transfers from ASCII input files. This software uses the FIPS 123 Function Library.

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) has developed the SDTS Encoding Program (EP). This software, developed by the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, provides interactive conversions of spatial data into SDTS format as described by FIPS 123. This software has been made available for the benefit of government and private companies that are able to apply SDTS-EP to their spatial data requirements. Runs in a PC Windows environment. The Volpe Center and BTS assume no liability in regards to the performance of SDTS-EP.
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