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Users Guides, Workshops/Conferences and Training Materials

Users Guides

The Spatial Data Transfer Standard - Senior Management Overview: a management level synopsis of SDTS. (Download the free Adobe Reader)

The Spatial Data Transfer Standard - Guide for Technical Managers : a concise, comprehensive guide to the SDTS for technical managers in spatial data user organizations and software development groups involved in SDTS use or implementation. (Download the free Adobe Reader)

The Spatial Data Transfer Standard - Handbook for Technical Staff : a "road map" to the SDTS for technical staff involved in SDTS implementation. (Download the free Adobe Reader)

Part 4: Topological Vector Profile: a profile of SDTS (FIPS 173) that deals with fully topologically structured vector data.

DLG-3 SDTS Transfer Description: describes how USGS DLG-3 data is transferred using SDTS TVP.

TIGER/SDTS Prototype Files Preliminary Description: describes the Census Bureau's TIGER/SDTS data set.

Programmers Reference manual for FIPS 123 Function Library: this is a complete guide to the use of the library including installation procedures, descriptions of all functions, and an overview of the FIPS 123 (ISO 8211) standard.(Appendix E which includes listings of the four sample programs is not included in printed copy, but are available on disk)

Users Manual for Master Data Dictionary: describes SDTS Master Data Dictionary support software which creates master data dictionary transfers (described in Annex A of the TVP).

Currently, only hardcopy of some SDTS Users Guides are available. They may be obtained by sending mail to:

SDTS Task Force
U.S. Geological Survey
1400 Independence Road
Rolla, MO 65401


National SDTS Implementors' Workshop Held--The National SDTS Implementors' Workshop, held September 15-18, 1997, in Rolla, Missouri was co-sponsored by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) X3L1, the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), and the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

The workshop focused on identifying, discussing, and solving common problems associated with producing SDTS data and writing software for consumers of SDTS data.

For more information, see the National SDTS Implementors' Workshop Results Web Page.

Training Materials

If you learn best by looking at examples, view these documents to see what USGS has done with SDTS:
red ball The SDTS Mapping of the DLG-E Model: October 1993
red ball The SDTS Mapping of DEM Elements (Download the free Adobe Reader)
red ball The SDTS Mapping of DLG-3 in SDTS

Other material available include:

red ball Powerpoint overheads
red ball SDTS articles

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