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Site Information
01464500   Crosswicks Creek at Extonville, NJ
Location:Latitude 40�'14", Longitude 74�'00", Mercer County, Hydrologic Unit 02040201, on right bank upstream from bridge on Extonville Road, 0.5 mi south of Extonville, 0.5 mi upstream from Pleasant Run, and 0.7 mi downstream from Mercer- Monmouth County line
Drainage Area:Continuous Period of Record:RemarksSite Type:Baseline Period of Record:Baseline Quality
81.51940-2005Flow regulated occasionally by lakes above station.A1940-1979FAIR

Hydrologic Indices
Flow RegimeFlow EventIndex NameIndex Value
Index Type
Average FlowSurrogate for25th Percentile*Value75th Percentile*
Temporal MA160135.87146
Temporal MA26094146
Temporal MA380.83102.09125.38
Spatial MA415.5513.723.27
Spatial MA51.51.451.81
Spatial MA69.276.2622
Spatial MA74.1338.25
Spatial MA83.012.435.36
Spatial MA90.450.40.67
Spatial MA100.290.240.44
Spatial MA110.240.20.35
Temporal MA12115.03138.1205.71
Temporal MA13138.32169.82234.77
Temporal MA14154.53186.87242.27
Temporal MA15115.77153.67189.95
Temporal MA1680.21113.23166.48
Temporal MA1754.5576.17106.97
Temporalac MA1849.9478.87129.89
Temporal MA1953.8475.13127.44
Temporal MA2045.3268.37112.03
Temporal MA2157.7175.87105.73
Temporal MA2277.37120.93155.95
Temporal MA23101.16148.07198.05
Temporal MA2447.7756.2987.61
Temporal MA2543.1663.8683.93
Temporalb MA26MA1843.2265.8475.1
Temporal MA2734.0856.8974.13
Temporal MA2831.1146.1166.29
Temporal MA2925.8844.9867.8
Temporal MA3038.3472.21115.58
Temporal MA3145.3866.7794.33
Temporal MA3231.6949.92103.55
Temporal MA3326.8947.5683.96
Temporal MA3434.3258.1282.21
Temporal MA3552.0971.7885.69
Spatial MA364.2206.16
Spatialb MA37MA181.0301.56
Spatial MA381.9102.67
Spatialb MA39MA1865.85NC 83.59
Spatial MA400.1600.33
Temporal MA411.35NC 1.87
Spatial MA420.981.121.38
Spatial MA430.350.320.46
Spatial MA440.640.750.81
Spatial MA45NC0NC0.04
Low Flow
Temporalc ML1638192
Temporalc ML267.580103
Temporalc ML38098118.5
Temporalc ML47185102.5
Temporalc ML5506880
Temporalac ML6334361
Temporalc ML7303850.5
Temporalc ML827.54046
Temporalc ML9294046
Temporalc ML10374456
Temporalc ML11556073.5
Temporalc ML12577286
Temporalb ML13ML660.17694.7582.11
Temporal ML140.290.330.38
Temporal ML150.210.230.28
Temporalb ML16ML60.290.330.38
Temporal ML170.210.230.29
Spatial ML1839.9118.0868.72
Temporal ML1920.623.1127.3
Spatial ML200.440.540.55
Spatial ML2142.5529.0669.33
Temporal ML220.280.380.49
High Flow
Temporal MH1323467743
Temporal MH2356548877
Temporal MH3399.5606976
Temporal MH4247.5422692.5
Temporalac MH5171.5298503
Temporal MH6116157352.5
Temporal MH7110.5327675
Temporal MH8135.5257471.5
Temporal MH991178521.5
Temporal MH10118245401.5
Temporal MH11162349612.5
Temporal MH12380546769
Spatial MH1393.81-696.7114.16
Temporal MH1410.2512.4816.75
Spatial MH158.768.7213.21
Spatialb MH16MH53.082.734.07
Spatial MH171.761.552.22
Spatialb MH18MH54.946.466.87
Spatial MH19-
Temporalb MH20MH512.3115.2219.45
Temporal MH219.7913.1314.67
Temporal MH223.715.966.37
Temporal MH234.195.764.41
Temporal MH241.263.664.12
Temporal MH253.716.267.46
Temporal MH268.0911.0912.34
Temporal MH272.024.455.26
Index Type
Low FlowSurrogate for
Spatialbc FL1FL37.51113
Spatial FL241.0339.2649.22
Temporala FL3000
High Flow
Temporalb FH1FH416.51922
Spatial FH225.9323.835.5
Temporalbc FH3FH4192840
Temporala FH4259
Temporal FH5141819.5
Temporal FH69.51416
Temporal FH7235.5
Temporal FH816.51922
Temporalb FH9FH491114
Temporal FH10126
Temporal FH11001
Index Type
Low FlowSurrogate for
Temporal DL1233140
Temporal DL227.333240.5
Temporal DL329.073342.43
Temporalac DL433.7742.754.12
Temporal DL549.3667.3895.64
Spatialb DL6DL442.5529.0669.33
Spatial DL741.8127.6867.21
Spatial DL840.0326.6862.6
Spatial DL946.6732.4774.66
Spatial DL1045.7735.3472.12
Temporal DL110.250.340.43
Temporalb DL12DL40.310.380.45
Temporal DL130.360.480.58
Temporal DL140.420.640.58
Temporal DL150.210.440.34
Temporalb DL16DL45.167.439.94
Spatial DL1748.948.2968.18
Temporal DL18000
Spatial DL19NC0NC
Spatial DL20NC 2.03NC
High Flow
Temporal DH1100312401585
Temporalac DH2641.5882.671074.67
Temporal DH3422.57576.57663.93
Temporal DH4221.51275.4354.65
Temporal DH5174.06209.08245.26
Spatial DH641.8749.8557.44
Spatial DH739.6646.8449.95
Spatialb DH8DH233.2839.6841.55
Spatial DH926.1532.0533.42
Spatial DH1025.3729.6229.39
Temporal DH1110.6714.516.86
Temporal DH124.56.257.06
Spatialb DH13DH22.363.143.77
Spatial DH140.100.21
Temporal DH153.394.235.18
Spatial DH1630.5636.1446.84
Temporal DH177.219.6313.58
Temporal DH181.892.232.66
Temporal DH191.271.51.72
Temporalb DH20DH23.394.235.18
Temporal DH2118.1822.2531.98
Temporal DH2222150242.75
Temporal DH23112
Temporal DH24137163331
Index Type
Average FlowSurrogate for
Spatial TA10.430.60.55
Spatial TA257.7466.1764.06
Spatial TA30.250.360.36
Low Flow
Spatiala TL1246.84235.83262.49
Spatial TL232.1737.8441.58
Spatial TL30.460.410.6
Spatial TL40.020.060.04
High Flow
Spatiala TH142.843.6470.44
Spatial TH264.5172.9971.59
Spatial TH30.120.210.38
Rate of Change
Index Type
Average FlowSurrogate for
Temporal RA152076
Spatial RA2211.25213.27271.7
Temporalac RA3-28-9-4
Spatial RA4-289.34-237.17-225.38
Spatialb RA5RA30.280.30.31
Temporal RA60.070.20.51
Temporalb RA7RA3-0.22-0.1-0.05
Temporalb RA8RA3105116119.5
Spatial RA97.9116.0211.49

a primary index as determined from the New Jersey Hydrologic Integrity Assessment Process (Henriksen and others, 2006; Kennen and others, 2007)
b surrogate index as determined from the New Jersey Hydrologic Integrity Assessment Process (Henriksen and others, 2006; Kennen and others, 2007)
c primary regulatory index for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (J.L. Hoffman, NJDEP, written commun., 2007).

# indicates that site is an index station

* If the index is spatial, percentile values are from the distribution of values for the selected index for all sites of the same stream type if the index is spatial

** These sites are index sites, which are considered to be relatively undeveloped (least amount of urbanization, less than 15% urban landuse) for a long period of record (at least 50 years). The entire period of record for these sites are considered baseline.

NC value could not be calculated