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Site Information
01465850   South Branch Rancocas Creek at Vincentown, NJ
Location:Latitude 39�'24", Longitude 74�'47", Burlington County, Hydrologic Unit 02040202, at highway bridge on Lumberton-Vincentown Road 0.8 mi west of Vincentown, 2.9 mi southeast of Lumberton, and 3.1 mi upstream from Southwest Branch.
Drainage Area:Continuous Period of Record:RemarksSite Type:Baseline Period of Record:Baseline Quality
64.51961-1975Occasional regulation by lakes and ponds above station.B1961-1975EXCELLENT

Hydrologic Indices
Flow RegimeFlow EventIndex NameIndex Value
Index Type
Average FlowSurrogate for25th Percentile*Value75th Percentile*
Temporal MA14095.7119
Temporal MA24073119
Temporal MA372.5988.1697.04
Spatial MA49.5417.9915.43
Spatial MA51.181.311.32
Spatial MA63.819.617.8
Spatial MA72.464.193.85
Spatial MA82.052.982.91
Spatiala MA90.270.530.44
Spatial MA100.180.330.3
Spatial MA110.150.250.24
Temporal MA1277.62110.19150.08
Temporal MA1386.31109.84132.01
Temporal MA1493.4127.84173.9
Temporalbc MA15MA968.12100.55161.38
Temporal MA1649.1778.69102.08
Temporal MA1724.6240.8192.76
Temporal MA1830.4843.8783.63
Temporal MA1917.6945.7495.94
Temporal MA2019.5746.9885.79
Temporal MA2130.5151.5596.52
Temporal MA2245.7978.98114.75
Temporal MA2387.36100.29165.15
Temporal MA2430.638.9354.23
Temporal MA2525.636.1855.05
Temporal MA2624.7843.0355.11
Temporal MA2725.644359.07
Temporal MA2826.4234.6747.19
Temporal MA2930.2351.871.92
Temporal MA3041.6848.2479.21
Temporal MA3129.8565.14101.69
Temporalb MA32MA927.4849.4970.55
Temporalb MA33MA919.4346.3564.48
Temporal MA3419.7635.4562.18
Temporal MA3527.5849.6760.62
Spatial MA362.7203.96
Spatial MA370.6600.89
Spatial MA381.201.7
Spatial MA3945.51NC 59.95
Spatial MA400.0700.15
Temporal MA411.25NC 1.77
Spatial MA420.981.161.31
Spatial MA430.320.360.42
Spatial MA440.63NC 0.79
Spatial MA45-0.01NC 0.05
Low Flow
Temporalc ML160.256982.75
Temporalc ML254.57289
Temporalc ML364.573.592.75
Temporalbc ML4ML20506582.5
Temporalc ML52248.568.25
Temporalc ML61224.540.5
Temporalc ML710.3819.534.75
Temporalc ML811.51826.75
Temporalc ML99.72036
Temporalc ML1020.252946
Temporalc ML112837.562.25
Temporalc ML1242.554.579
Temporal ML1341.02302.5358.83
Temporal ML140.120.170.21
Temporal ML150.080.120.17
Temporalb ML16ML200.120.170.21
Temporal ML170.090.130.17
Spatial ML1824.63034.91
Temporal ML198.1111.9316.66
Spatiala ML200.650.560.74
Spatialb ML21ML2027.9115.144.03
Temporal ML220.120.180.26
High Flow
Temporal MH1159.25240359.75
Temporal MH2202220.5346.75
Temporal MH3210.75287.5427
Temporalbc MH4MH24130232376.75
Temporal MH585.75156.5279.5
Temporal MH657105.5295.5
Temporal MH765108.5251.25
Temporal MH831145608.75
Temporal MH934.2598.5263.25
Temporal MH1055.596.5248
Temporal MH1160.75123.5368
Temporal MH12170.75288.5493.5
Spatial MH1371.32-302.6281.22
Temporal MH145.628.399.88
Spatial MH153.846.536.07
Spatial MH162.012.632.59
Spatial MH171.421.631.64
Spatialb MH18MH246.36.298.47
Spatial MH19-0.46-0.680.52
Temporal MH206.429.7511.53
Temporal MH2110.9815.413
Temporal MH224.145.094.68
Temporal MH234.22.843.06
Temporala MH241.212.943.55
Temporal MH253.445.055.79
Temporalb MH26MH248.038.959.91
Temporal MH272.183.764.63
Index Type
Low FlowSurrogate for
Spatialbc FL1FL34.257.510
Spatialb FL2FL343.2144.4952.35
Temporala FL3000
High Flow
Temporalb FH1FH48.251315.75
Spatial FH233.3139.1740.9
Temporal FH382229.75
Temporala FH402.54.75
Temporal FH58.251216
Temporal FH62.5711.5
Temporal FH7013
Temporal FH88.251315.75
Temporal FH96810.75
Temporalbc FH10FH4113
Temporal FH1100.51
Index Type
Low FlowSurrogate for
Temporalc DL17.511.516.75
Temporal DL28.4413.8320.58
Temporal DL310.4516.2524.39
Temporal DL414.5922.9433.98
Temporal DL527.9741.5960.12
Spatial DL627.9115.144.03
Spatial DL724.58038.33
Spatial DL822.07035.78
Spatial DL925.38039.33
Spatial DL1028.5045.9
Temporal DL110.1 0.22 0.23
Temporalb DL12DL150.14NC 0.33
Temporal DL130.2NC 0.47
Temporal DL140.560.550.7
Temporala DL150.340.270.53
Temporalb DL16DL156.099.1323
Spatial DL1750.1189.2470.86
Temporal DL18000
Spatial DL19NC0NC
Spatial DL20NC 9.9NC
High Flow
Temporal DH1414.25629743.75
Temporalbc DH2DH12360.17511.83658.67
Temporal DH3268.46364.86452.46
Temporal DH4166.64192.96225.42
Temporal DH5129.86137.25162.46
Spatial DH643.7435.4854.85
Spatial DH741.5435.9952.38
Spatial DH836.6935.5843.68
Spatial DH928.0931.7334.38
Spatial DH1027.4532.9931.31
Temporal DH115.688.0710.19
Temporala DH123.684.986.2
Spatial DH132.282.693.09
Spatial DH140.2300.42
Temporal DH154.875.737.91
Spatial DH1650.2940.2160.49
Temporal DH1711.1412.7523.82
Temporal DH182.182.693.58
Temporal DH191.191.52.17
Temporalb DH20DH124.875.737.91
Temporal DH212433.4448
Temporal DH2210.6774.5195.83
Temporal DH231.2522.75
Temporalb DH24DH1298308332
Index Type
Average FlowSurrogate for
Spatial TA10.550.50.67
Spatial TA263.6160.3873.2
Spatial TA30.270.310.32
Low Flow
Spatial TL1240.81219.72252.75
Spatiala TL235.436.342.23
Spatial TL30.40.360.46
Spatial TL40.090.090.18
High Flow
Spatial TH178.66301.18198.51
Spatiala TH271.9473.7978.19
Spatialb TH3TH20.070.360.19
Rate of Change
Index Type
Average FlowSurrogate for
Temporalb RA1RA73930
Spatialb RA2RA7180.56201.94202.65
Temporal RA3-17-7-3
Spatial RA4-185.68-174.35-155.52
Spatial RA50.310.310.34
Temporalb RA6RA70.070.150.35
Temporalac RA7-0.18-0.11-0.06
Temporal RA8106.25110.5118.75
Spatial RA910.233.6515.2

a primary index as determined from the New Jersey Hydrologic Integrity Assessment Process (Henriksen and others, 2006; Kennen and others, 2007)
b surrogate index as determined from the New Jersey Hydrologic Integrity Assessment Process (Henriksen and others, 2006; Kennen and others, 2007)
c primary regulatory index for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (J.L. Hoffman, NJDEP, written commun., 2007).

# indicates that site is an index station

* If the index is spatial, percentile values are from the distribution of values for the selected index for all sites of the same stream type if the index is spatial

** These sites are index sites, which are considered to be relatively undeveloped (least amount of urbanization, less than 15% urban landuse) for a long period of record (at least 50 years). The entire period of record for these sites are considered baseline.

NC value could not be calculated