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USGS Booth at the 1999 FOR Rivers Festival

Rex and Laura take USGS Web sites on the road again!

by Laura Torresan and Rex Sanders

[Laura at the booth]

The Access USGS--San Francisco Bay and Delta Web site was once again shown off at the Friends of the River (FOR) Rivers Festival. The Festival was held once again at Fort Mason in San Francisco, on Saturday and Sunday, February 20 and 21, 1999.

This year, fellow Access USGS Web Team member Len Gaydos and his wife attended the Festival on Saturday; so Len helped us man our busy booth. We needed it! (Especially Laura, shown to the right, who is 7.5 months pregnant!) We had over 300 visitors inquire about various USGS topics of interest all weekend. It was a great turnout.

Thanks for the help, Len!

[USGS Booth]

We set up a booth similar to last year's... three display panels, a table, and two chairs.

We again used Rex's wireless modem, attached to a Macintosh G3 PowerBook laptop computer and an Apple flat screen monitor, in order to connect to the internet and demonstrate the Access USGS Web site (among others!). Just this set-up alone seemed to draw many of our visitors to the booth.

["Current River Flows" Poster]

This year, just like last year, the flows on the popular recreational rivers were of particular interest to the Festival attendees and exhibitors. We posted the current flow data of these rivers, shown to the right. We retrieved this data twice a day off of the USGS Real-Time Stream Flow Web site (as well as other servers). Because of recent rainfall on the West Coast, the rivers were runnin' wild!

Click the image below for a larger version
[Sample USGS URLs-click for larger version]

We again provided a handout listing USGS river information on the internet; and one listing most of the USGS Western Region Web servers with contact names, phone numbers, and addresses. The USGS's Earth Science Information Center (ESIC) in Menlo Park, CA provided us with California topographic map index maps, which are free, and just like last year they were a very popular item.

URL: http://sfbay.wr.usgs.gov/access/FOR/1999/FOR.html
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