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USGS Booth
FOR Rivers Festival
February 24-25, 2001

Here are the posters we displayed this year.

To the right is Laura setting up the booth on Friday, Feb. 23rd.
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[Laura with USGS Banner]
["Current Flows" poster]
The "Current River Flows" poster is always very popular at the Festival, which is attended and staffed by avid river boaters (like Rex). Most often the boaters stop by the booth on Saturday to tell us they'll be out on the water Sunday, so they track what the flows are doing throughout the day.

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Below are the shaded bathymetric poster of Lake Tahoe and of Central San Francisco Bay. To our booth visitors, these by far were the most popular and exciting displays. An extra-special thanks to Helen Gibbons, USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Team for loaning these posters to us for the Festival! They were intrigued by how deep Lake Tahoe is, and how shallow SF Bay is in certain areas. Many sea kayakers commented on the bathy (depth) in SF Bay, noting the comparisons between what they experience while kayaking and the actual bottom morphology. I think this year was one of the most educational for and interesting to our visitors because of these posters!
[Lake Tahoe Bathy]
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[Central SF Bay Bathy]
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