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FOR Rivers Festival
February 24-25, 2001

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-- Real-Time Stream Flow --

Where to find real-time stream flow on the web

Real-time hydrologic data from the USGS are considered provisional data. Please be aware of the limitations this imposes. The USGS recommends reading USGS Circular 1123: Stream-Gaging Program of the U.S. Geological Survey.

• USGS Real-Time Stream Flow in California:


• USGS Real-Time Water Data for the entire United States:


Sources outside the USGS (the USGS CANNOT be responsible for the content of these web sites):

• Real-time stream flow in California:


This web site is the California Data Exchange Center, maintained by the California Department of Water Resources, Division of Flood Management. While there is some overlap between the USGS and the State web sites, often you will find that those rivers not gaged by the USGS can be found here.

• "Dreamflows" web site:


On this web site, you can display the most current daily Dreamflows report on Western U.S. river flows, or just California. The webmaster collects data from the USGS and from the State, makes estimates at other locations not covered by these two sources, and pools all of this information in one comprehensive web site. The estimates are based on other flow values and may therefore be wildly inaccurate.
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-- Real-Time Stream Flow --

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