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Rex and Laura Take the USGS Web Sites on the Road

Big Smile From Laura...to the Friends of the River (FOR) Rivers Festival at Fort Mason on Saturday and Sunday, February 21 and 22, 1998.

Rex Sanders and Laura Torresan

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The Booth

We set up a "booth" using some display doors, a table, and two chairs.

The Computer

Using a wireless modem attached to a Macintosh PowerBook laptop, we were able to successfully display the Access USGS--San Francisco Bay and Delta web site and the USGS Real-Time Stream Flow web site. We hung up posters of these two web sites, as well as various maps of Yosemite (just as an example of what different kinds of maps the USGS produces).

The Handout

We provided a handout listing USGS river information on the internet; and one listing most of the USGS Western Region Web servers with contact names, phone numbers, and addresses. ESIC provided us with California topographic map index maps, which are free, and they were a very popular item. Also on display was the Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project's multi-volume report "Status of the Sierra Nevada," which is now only produced on CD-ROM by the USGS. We did actually get four specific requests for a copy of the CD-ROM.

Visitors with Rex

Saturday was the busier of the two days, when we constantly had at least one visiting "customer" chatting cheerily with us, asking questions, and looking at our maps and Web sites. We usually had a small group gathered.

Visitors with Rex

This is the first year the USGS has made a presence at the FOR Rivers Festival, and we really were a big hit! We counted about 220 inquiries over the two days, out of an average weekend attendance of around 1400. We're looking forward to attending again next year.

URL: http://sfbay.wr.usgs.gov/access/FOR/for.html
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