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Science Support for Wetland Restoration in the Napa-Sonoma Salt Ponds, San Francisco Bay Estuary
Miles, A. K., Fregien, S., Takekawa, J. Y, Martinelli, G. M., Schoellhamer, D. H., Duffy, W. G., Schlosser, J. P., Saiki, M. K.

J. Swanson, L. Wyckoff, T. Huffman, J. Schwennesen, T. Maatouck, K. Haggard, and A. Crout (California Department of Fish and Game, CDFG) provided access for the studies, technical support, and field assistance. C. Lu, S. Wainwright, R. Laird, M. Eagan, B. Sauer, P. Buchanan, J. Warner, B. Martin, K. English, M. Law, S. Spring, H. Tran, M. Disney, T. Mumm, E. Brocales, T. Rockwell, A. Wilde, A. Meckstroth (USGS) and J. Lament (Ducks Unlimited) provided field and analysis assistance. Our thanks to L. Vicencio and B. Winton (Fish and Wildlife Service) for assistance with logistics. We also appreciate the assistance provided by L. Allen and B. Bonnet (Can Duck Club).


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