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Summary of Findings About Circulation and the Estuarine Turbidity Maximum in Suisun Bay, California
United States Geological Survey
David H. Schoellhamer and Jon R. Burau


Data collection and analysis in Suisun Bay are supported by the Interagency Ecological Program, San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board, the USGS Federal/State Cooperative Program, and the USGS San Francisco Bay INATURES Program. Preparation of this fact sheet was supported by the USGS San Francisco Bay INATURES Program. We thank our many colleagues with the USGS in Sacramento and Menlo Park, the Interagency Ecological Program, and Stanford University, who contributed to the studies of Suisun Bay.


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For additional information on this report contact the authors:

David H. Schoellhamer 6000 J Street, Placer Hall Sacramento, CA 95819-6129 (916)278-3126 e-mail: dschoell@usgs.gov

Jon R. Burau 6000 J Street, Placer Hall Sacramento, CA 95819-6129 (916)278-3127 e-mail: jrburau@usgs.gov

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