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Levee 31N Lithological and Geophysical Data
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Levee 31N Lithological & Geophysical Data

Data are available as Log ASCII Standard (.las), Text (.txt), and Portable Document Format (.pdf)

Originators of data set: Kevin Cunningham and Michael Wacker

Well Identifier Caliper Log Conductivity & Resistivity Log Gamma Log Fluid Log Flow Log Spinner Flow Meter Log Lithologic & Geophysical Log
Logging speed: FT/MIN Logging Direction
G-3789 (.las) (.las) (.las) 2003 (.las) 2003 (.txt) 10 down (.las) up (.las) (.pdf)
      2004 (.las) 2004 (.txt) 20 down (.las) up (.las)  
          30 down (.las) up (.las)  
G-3788 (.las) (.las) (.las) 2003 (.las) 2003 (.txt) 5 down (.las) up (.las) (.pdf)
      2004 (.las) 2004 (.txt) 10 down (.las) up (.las)  
          20 down (.las) up (.las)  
          30 down (.las) up (.las)  
G-3784 (.las) (.las) (.las) 9/2003 (.las) (.txt)       (.pdf)
      10/2003 (.las)          
G-3783 (.las) (.las) (.las) 8/2003 (.las) 2003 (.txt) 5 down (.las) up (.las) (.pdf)
      3/2004 (.las) 2004 (.txt) 10 down (.las) up (.las)  
G-3782 (.las) 7/2003 (.las)
also includes Speed & Temperature
(.las) (.las) 2003 (.txt) 5 down (.las) up (.las) (.pdf)
  8/2003 (.las)     2004 (.txt) 10 down (.las) up (.las)  
          15 down (.las) up (.las)  
          20 down (.las) up (.las)  
G-3778 (.las) (.las) (.las) (.las) 8/7/2003 (.txt)       (.pdf)
        8/27/2003 (.txt)        
        8/30/2003 (.txt)        
G-3779                 (.pdf)

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