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1940 Greater Everglades and South Florida Aerial Photoset
   Flight Lines

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   Creation of a Digital Archive of Historical Aerial Photographs for ENP and the Greater Everglades Ecosystem



1940 Greater Everglades and South Florida Aerial Photoset

Images are available as .jpegs and as 800 dpi georeferenced .tiffs

Areas 1-7 and 10 contain mosaic sheet images only, no individual over-flight images are available for viewing.

Each over-flight image contained in a mosaic sheet has a pair of numbers vertically aligned in the upper-left corner of the image. These number pairs refer to the flight line and the frame number (i.e., 06 123, 14 108).

Click on a number below to open the mosaic of that area.

clickable south Florida image mapSection 15Section 13Section 14Section 12Section 6Section 7Section 8Section 9Section 11Section 10Section 1Section 2Section 3Section 4Section 5Section 26Western Collier County SectionSection 16Section 17Section 18Section 19Section 20Section 21Section 22Section 23Section 24Section 25Section 26Section 27Section 28Section 29Section 30Section 31Section 32Section 33Section 34Section 35Section 36

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