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Everglades Water Chemistry Data
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Everglades Water Chemistry Data

Format for Everglades Water Chemistry Data

Data are available for samples collected in March 1995 and analyzed shortly thereafter. Surface water samples were collected at a single depth from 7 locations and at two depths at 3 locations. Marsh pore-water samples were collected at several depths below the sediment water interface at 4 locations. Surface water samples were collected at each pore-water sampling location. A replicate sample was collected to evaluate onsite-sampling variability. Distilled-water blank samples and standard reference water samples were submitted to the laboratory with the onsite samples and were analyzed concomitantly with them. Reference samples were processed using the same procedures as the onsite samples.

The data file consists of 34 variables. Variable names and codes established for sample description and identification are listed in table 1. Variable names for parameters measured onsite and in the laboratory are listed in table 2.

TABLE 1. Variable Names and Codes Esatablished for Sample Description and Identification

Variable name Code Definition
Collection date (mm/dd/yy) date date sample collected (month/day/year)
Collection time (HH:MM) time time sample collected (hour:minute)
KPH alphanumeric potassium acid phthalate reference sample
Lab ID 4 digit integer lab identification number
Latitude (DDMMSS) 6 digit integer latitude (degrees minutes seconds)
Longitude (DDMMSS) 6 digit integer longitude (degrees minutes seconds)
M102 alphanumeric major ion SRWS
M104 alphanumeric major ion SRWS
M110 alphanumeric major ion SRWS
M112 alphanumeric major ion SRWS
M96 alphanumeric major ion SRWS
Method M manual collection
R replicate sample type
Missing data -99 data not available
MPV alphanumeric most probable value
N alphanumeric number of samples
P11 alphanumeric precipitation ion SRWS
Sample type F pore-water sample type
J surface water sample type
Sampling depth (m) floating point depth that sample was collected (meters)
SBL alphanumeric laboratory blank sample
Site description alphanumeric long site description and notes
Site ID alphanumeric alphanumeric code for site identification
Site name alphanumeric short description of site
SRWS alphanumeric standard reference water sample
Subsample type C canal subsample type
Q marsh subsample type
T107 alphanumeric trace ion SRWS

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TABLE 2. Variable Names for Onsite and Laboratory Measured Parameters

Variable name Definition Units
B (mg/L) dissolved boron as B milligrams per liter
Ba (mg/L) dissolved barium as Ba milligrams per liter
Ca (ueq/L) dissolved calcium as Ca microequivalents per liter
Cl (ueq/L) dissolved chloride as Cl microequivalents per liter
DOC (mg/L) dissolved organic carbon as C milligrams per liter
Fe (mg/L) dissolved iron as Fe milligrams per liter
Field pH (std units) pH measured onsite standard pH units
Field specific conductivity (uS/cm) specific conductivity measured onsite microsiemens per centimeter at 25C
H4SiO4 (umol/L) dissolved silica as H4SiO4 micromoles per liter
Ion balance (%) 100% X (Cations - Anions) / (Cations + Anions) (+/-)percent
K (ueq/L) dissolved potassium as K microequivalents per liter
Lab alkalinity (ueq/L) alkalinity measured in laboratory microequivalents per liter
Lab pH (std units) pH measured in laboratory standard pH units
Li (mg/L) dissolved lithium as Li milligrams per liter
Mg (ueq/L) dissolved magnesium as Mg microequivalents per liter
Mn (mg/L) dissolved manganese as Mn milligrams per liter
Na (ueq/L) dissolved sodium as Na microequivalents per liter
SO4 (ueq/L) dissolved sulfate as SO4 microequivalents per liter
Specific UV (Absorb/mg C/L) specific UV absorbance absorbance per milligram carbon per liter
Sr (mg/L) dissolved strontium as Sr milligrams per liter
Water temp (C) water temperature measured onsite degrees Celsius
Zn (mg/L) dissolved zinc as Zn milligrams per liter

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