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Elevation Data

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Elevation Data

New! Redesigned webpage and reformated Elevation Data.

The quadrangle-based data files have been reformatted and aggregated into three files available for download (see graphic below). Also, maps of individual USGS 24K quadrangles showing elevation point locations and values can be viewed using the High Accuracy Elevation Data (HAED) Electronic Altas.

Comments are welcome: gdesmond@usgs.gov

map showing location of data coverage
What: High accuracy (+/- 15 cm vertical accuracy) elevation data
  • horizontal postions are in the North American Datum 1983 (NAD 83)
  • elevations are in the North American Vertical Datum 1988 (NAVD 88)
  • elevations in meters

When: Surveyed 1995 - 2007

Where: Southern Florida (see map on left and key below)

Who: U.S. Geological Survey

Why: Provide high accuracy data on an approximate 400 meter by 400 meter grid for modeling purposes

File Formats: (download data below)

  • Compressed ESRI shapefile (.zip)
  • Comma separated value file (.csv)
  • Compressed .csv as needed (.zip)

Publication Date: Data aggregated and reformatted August 2007

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Map Area Number of Points Collection
area 1 2,865 Helicopter---Airborne Height Finder (AHF) Okee_v06.csv (261 KB, comma-separated values)
Okee_06shp.zip (104 KB , ESRI shapefile)
area 2 57,395 Helicopter---Airborne Height Finder (AHF) & Airboat

HAED_v01.csv (4.5 MB, comma-separated values)
HAED_v01csv.zip (0.7 MB, comma-separated values, zipped)
HAED_v01shp.zip (1.8 MB, ESRI shapefile, zipped)

area 3 1,925 Truck Truck_v14.csv (80 KB, comma-separated values)
(52 KB , ESRI shapefile)
Looking for the Everglades Depth Estimation Network (EDEN) DEM?

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