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Transient Electromagnetic Data
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Transient Electromagnetic Data

Everglades Time-Domain Electromagnetic Sounding Location Map

Data are available as ASCII text files (.txt) for all of the sounding locations seen on the location map below. Click on a sounding location to go to the Transient Electromagnetic Data page to download the data for that sounding.

Everglades time-domain electromagnetic sounding location map

EG123 EG126 EG127 EG124 EG128 EG125 EG130 EG207 EG302 EG209 EG131 EG208 EG212 EG211 EG210 EG129 EG134 EG121 EG120 EG122 EG132 EG133 EG103 EG135 EG104 EG119 EG116 EG117 EG118 EG115 EG114 EG113 EG112 EG108 EG107 EG106 EG105 EG109 EG224 EG110 EG111 EG221 EG219 EG222 EG220 EG136 EG201 EG206 EG216 EG215 EG204 EG202 EG102 EG203 EG213 EG214 EG217 EG218 EG225 EG226 EG301 EG223 EG205

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