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Flow and Velocity Data
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Flow and Velocity Data

Format for Flow and Velocity Data

The Buttonwood data collection effort began in July 1997 and has been collected in September and November of 1997 as well as July 1998. Velocity data and cross section data were collected by Paul Meadows (pmeadows@usgs.gov), Darlene Blum (dblum@usgs.gov), Mark Stephens (mstephen@usgs.gov), Greg Donley (gdonley@usgs.gov), Kenny Kalan (kkalan@usgs.gov), Don Goin (dgoin@usgs.gov), Gina Tillis (gtillis@usgs.gov), Eric Swain (edswain@usgs.gov), John Pittman (jpittman@usgs.gov), Alex Gallagher, James "Blu" Dubuisson (James.Dubuisson@ssc.nasa.gov), Harry Jenter (hjenter@usgs.gov) and Lavetra Sloan (lsloan@usgs.gov) under the direction of Marvin Franklin (franklin@usgs.gov).

Velocity data are being provided in an Access® database and Excel® spreadsheets. The database summarizes the velocity data, site location and description, vegetative characteristics, and water quality parameters. The spreadsheet filters and averages the complete raw velocity data set per measurement.

This data was collected at two minute intervals for 10 minutes.

The file naming convention is as follows:      (example) E07T31197.xls

Column 1: E or W East or west from Taylor Slough Airboat Trail
Column 2-3: Sequential numbers from the center of the transect
Column 4-5: Sequential transect number
Column 6-9: Month and Year data was collected

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