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Everglades Gage Gazetteer

Explanation of Values

Gage Site ID Abbreviation of gage site name as used by requestor of survey.
"--" indicates none provided.
" " indicates does not have a name.

Full Site Name The full name of the gage site, as provided by the requestor, or most commonly used.
The portion shown in 'quotes' has been added by NMD if necessary to differentiate from another site.
The portion shown in (parenthesis) indicates a popular variation.

Geodetic Point ID A four character ID of the geodetic reference point
Assigned by USGS/NMD, this identifier refers specifically to the point measured, not the associated gage site.
After a prefix of "G" the existing gage ID is incorporated as the 2nd, 3rd and sometimes the 4th character.
Alternately, the 4th character may be assigned to create a unique ID where none existed before.
The 4th character defaults to an "X" when not needed to replicate the existing ID, or achieve uniqueness.

Gage Established by Owner/operator of the site
WRD= USGS - Water Resources Division

Observation date Date of survey (mm-dd-yy). When observations were made on multiple days, the most recent observation.

Method Survey method (used or planned), as follows:
Airborne Height Finder (AHF) System
Static GPS Occupation

LAT Degrees, Minutes and Seconds of Latitude, NAD 83
LON Degrees, Minutes and Seconds of Longitude, NAD 83
Eht (m) Ellipsoid height in meters, NAD 83
Ght (m) Geoid height in meters
Oht (m) Orthometric height in meters, NAVD 88

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