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Gage Site Name: North River 'C'/North River/NRC/NR

GAGE SITE ID:  NR FULL SITE NAME (or AKA):  North River 'C'/North River/NRC/NR
OBSERVATION DATES:  3/22/2001 USGS QUAD:  Whitewater bay east
METHOD:  Airborne Height Finder (AHF) System SURVEYED BY:  USGS/NMD
Revision date:  6/20/2002 Date of photography:  3/21/2001

 Datum (3D): NAD 83(97). Orthometric heights are NAVD 88 derived from NGS GEOID99. Vertical reference surface is the top of the metal gage box (recorder housing). Location of vertical measurement: Approximate center of top of gage box. Horizontal position is provided for site location, not precise reference. Recorder housing appears to have cover over box. Positioned measured to center top of cover.

LAT (N) LON (W) Eht (m) Ght (m) Oht (m)
 25 20 19.23  -80 54 47.80  -21.27  -23.27  2.00

Gage Photo
photograph of GNRC station

Google Map

Google Map (showing location of gage North River 'C'/North River/NRC/NR). This map requires enabled JavaScript to view; if you cannot fully access the information on this page, please contact Heather Henkel. References to non-U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) products do not constitute an endorsement by the DOI. By viewing the Google Maps API on this web site the user agrees to these TERMS of Service set forth by Google.


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