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Everglades Gage Gazetteer
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Everglades Gage Gazetteer

Gage Site Listing
Alligator Creek (GACX)
Bottle Creek (GBCX)
Broad River nr Cutoff/ED3/BR-cut (GBRC)
C-111 Wetland (G111)
Card Sound (GCS1)
Chatham River (GCRX)
Conchie Channel (GCCX)
East Creek in Little Maderia Bay (GECX)
EDEN 3 (GE03)
Harney River 'C' (GHR2)
Harney River 'C'/HRC/HRQ-U (GHRC)
Highway Creek East 'New' (GHCE)
Indian Key Nav Aid (GIKN)
Jewfish Creek (GJCX)
Joe Bay Central 5 (GJC5)
Joe Bay East 1 (GJ1B)
Joe Bay East 1 (GJE1)
Joe Bay East 2 (GJE2)
Joe Bay East 2 (GJEX)
Joe Bay West 8 (GJW8)
Lopez River (GLR1)
Lostmans River 'GS' (GLOG)
Manatee Bay 'USGS' (GMB1)
McCormick Creek/MC/Mc (GMCX)
Middle Grounds Nav Aid (GMGN)
Mud Creek (GMUX)
New River (GNRX)
North River 'C'/North River/NRC/NR (GNRC)
North River 'GS'/NRC (GNRG)
Oregon Creek (GOCX)
Panhandle Key (GPHK)
Sandy Key Nav Aid (GSKN)
Seven Palm Lake (GSPL)
Shark River 'GS'/SRG (GSRG)
Stillwater Creek/Still (GSTC)
Taylor River Entrance/TR/Taylor River Mouth/TM (GTRE)
Taylor River Upstream (GTUS)
Taylor River Upstream (GTRU)
Taylor Slough Wetland (GTSW)
Trout Cove 'GS'/Trout Cove USGS/TV/Tr (GTCG)
Trout Cove 'US'/Trout Cove USGS (GTCX)
Turner River (GTR1)
UPS Broad River (GBRS)
UPS Lostmans (GLOU)
UPS North River (GNRU)
Whale Harbor Nav Aid (GWHN)

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