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Evapotranspiration Data
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Evapotranspiration Data

Content and Format for Evapotranspiration Data


All files are tab-delineated text files with the extension "txt". These should be readable with most word processers, and should import directly into most spreadsheet and other data-analysis applications.

Each file of 30-min Et data contains one year of data for one site. The file name indicates the site identification and year. For example cat_96.txt contains the data for site "cat" for 1996. An exception to the one year per file protocol is that data for November and December 2000 are included in files for 2001 for sites that began data collection in November 2000 (Sites L1 and X2).

The data columns are identified by the text strings in the first row. The no-data indicator is -999. Time interval for all data except evapotranspiration (Et) is 15 minutes (site 1 and sites 3-9) or 30 minutes (sites 2-3.) For 1996-97 data, Et is given at 1-hour intervals (site 1 and sites 3-9) or 3-hour intervals (sites 2-3). For 1998 on, all Et data are given at 30-minute intervals.

A single file with the name "Ing_pan_daily.txt" is included with the Bowen-ratio site Et files. This file contains daily Et, in inches, from an automatic class A stainless steel evaporation pan at the Ing site. This pan was equipped with pumps to add water to the pan when the water-level fell to lower than 2 inches below the pan rim, and to remove water when the water level was less than 1 inch below the pan rim. A continuous record of water level in the pan was used to determine declines in water level that represent Et. On some days rainfall caused the pan to overflow and the daily Et could not be determined.

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