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Florida Bay Salinity Data
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Florida Bay Salinity Data

Methods for Collecting Florida Bay Salinity Data

The USGS has conducted salinity surveys of Florida Bay approximately every other month beginning November of 1994. The data collected during these surveys are supplemented with point data from Everglades National Park marine monitoring continuous stations and the South Florida Water Management District water quality monitoring stations collected by the Southeast Environmental Research Program at Florida International University. These data are assembled and contoured using CPS3 (Contour Plotting System software) version 4.2 and Arc-Info software version 7.0.3 to produce maps on the South Florida website. Data points are shown on the maps. Surveys typically take between 3 and 5 days, depending on weather. Between 1994 and summer of 1996, each survey collected salinitydata at between 250 and 350 stations each consisting of a surface measurement 15cm below the surface and a measurement on the bottom.

During the summer and fall of 1996, the USGS developed a digital measuring system so that subsequent surveys collect several thousand surface measurments. Due to the new digital system, USGS no longer uses the South Florida Water Management District data nor the Everglades National Park data. As well, bottom salinity surveys were discontinued after December of 1996.

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