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Shark River Slough Data
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Shark River Slough Data

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Please note: Information is from U.S. Geological Survey DDS 110: Flow velocity, water temperature, and conductivity at selected locations in Shark River Slough, Everglades National Park, Florida; July 1999 - July 2003

Shark River Slough is the dominant path of surface-water flow in ENP. Shark River Slough conveys inflows discharged through road culverts and hydraulic structures along Tamiami Trail to the coastal mangrove ecotone of the southwest Gulf Coast of Florida. The freshwater wetlands of Shark River Slough are a mixture of tree islands, sawgrass marshes, wet prairies, and sloughs that affect the conveyance of water to the coast. Five monitoring stations (SH1, GS-203, GS-33, NP202, and GS-36) were established between 1999 and 2002 to evaluate flows and related hydrologic conditions in differing vegetative communities in Shark River Slough.

At four of the five monitoring stations (SH1, GS-203, GS-33, and GS-36), flow velocities were measured at a fixed point in the water column. At all five stations, temperatures were monitored in the plant litter, throughout the water column, on the water surface, and in the air immediately above the water surface. At three of the four flow-velocity measuring stations (GS-203, GS-33, and GS-36), water temperatures and conductivities also were monitored at a fixed point in the water column.

Follow links below to download data from the report. Please see Location Map for station locations.

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