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Discharge Data (Tamiami Canal)
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Discharge Data (Tamiami Canal)

Data are available as Excel® Spreadsheets (.xls) by following the links under Water Years below.

Additional data and information about the sites is available from the USGS National Water Information System web site by following the linked Station Numbers below.

Water Years
Site Description Station Number 1986-1999 2000 2001
Tamiami Canal Outlets, Monroe to Carnestown, FL Station 02288800 (0.50MB) (48KB) (82KB)
Tamiami Canal Outlets, 40-Mile Bend to Monroe, near Miami, FL Station 02288900 (0.74MB) (56KB) (0.37MB)
Tamiami Canal Outlets, Levee 67A to 40-Mile Bend, near Miami, FL (Station 02289040): Station 254543080491101
- S-12-A
(22KB) (15KB) (27KB)
  Station 02289019
- S-12-B
(22KB) (25KB) (47KB)
  Station 02289041
- S-12-C
(22KB) (20KB) (50KB)
  Station 254543080405401
- S-12-D
(22KB) (19KB) (90KB)
Tamiami Canal Outlets, Levee 30 to Levee 67A, near Miami, FL Station 02289060 (0.46MB) (48KB) (0.27MB)

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