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Photo Gallery

Birds of Southern Florida

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Birds are an important part of the south Florida Ecosystem. Not only are the birds pretty and colorful in southern Florida, they also provide an important balance by reducing the number of insects and feeding on fish and other sea creatures.
Opal the Octopus

Take a look at some of the colorful birds that were encountered as the USGS Ecosystem History Project scientists worked in the field.
photo of bird standing on leaves
photo of bird landing on tree top
photo of bird sitting atop tree
close-up photo of bird standing on boardwalk
photo of cranes walking

photo of osprey in nest
At left is a momma Osprey in her nest. She is crouched down like this to protect and help camoflague her eggs.

photo of a white heron
(left) Herons are tall and graceful birds that wade around in shallow water in south Florida. They use their sharp, fast beak to snatch small fish and other sea creatures from the water around them.
Roseate spoonbills (right) are one of the more colorful and well-known kinds of bird that live in south Florida. The bright pink and reds are easy to see from far away and the spoon shape of their bill makes them easy to recognize.
photo of a roseate spoonbill

photo of a group of plovers
These plovers (above) like to play on the beach while they look for food.
Pelicans (right) like to live near the water, where they can fish, glide around on the wind, or just hang around with their other pelican friends.
photo of a group of pelicans

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Opal the Octopus
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