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Photo Gallery

Working in the Field

One of the many good things about working as a scientist, is that they get to go into the 'field' to do research. Field work is when scientists travel to the sites where they collect information, samples, and take photographs of what they see. Field work is an important part of science work because it allows scientists to see what is really going on in the environments they are studying.

Here are some great pictures of our scientists doing work in the field, in South Florida.

Opal the Octopus

photo of Key Marine Laboratory boat
The Key Marine Laboratory boat carries our
scientists from site to site.
photo of Lynn in water, weighing a sample
Lynn weighs a sample (at left) while Ian prepares to take some readings and collect some samples (at right).
photo of Ian on boat
[larger image]
photo of Lynn and crew
[larger image]
Lynn brings a sample for the crew on the boat to photograph.

photo of snorkeler in sea grass
[larger image]
Being able to snorkel for samples is an important part of working in the field, especially when scientists need to see what is going on where they are collecting the samples.
photo of snorkelers and bubbles
[larger image]
photo of snorkeler bringing back sample
[larger image]

photo of snorkeler seen through tree branches
[larger image]

photo of Deb and Lisa in a marsh, collecting data
[larger image]
Not all of the work that goes on takes place under water. Here Deb and Lisa wade through a saltwater marsh and collect data about coastal vegetation in southern Florida.

It's a messy job, but someone has to do it!

Getting messy is all just part of a good day in the field for most scientists. Sometimes there is just no other way to get to see the cool things than to tromp through the mud.

photo of workers sitting in the mud
[larger image]
photo of workers swimming through the mud
[larger image]
photo of man covered with mud
[larger image]

Field work can go on for a whole day. Sometimes, scientists work until daylight is almost gone.
photo of Lynn silhouetted by the setting sun
[larger image]

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Opal the Octopus
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